"Pulsa diNura" cd

Oppressive sludge, riff oriented stoner, laid-back doom and a slight touch of coarse death metal - they're all here but none of them in a dominant role. Pulsa diNura is the soundtrack of brimstone rain lashing from the sky while avoiding easy classifications and manerisms. Two demos and years of work have resulted in seven tracks of madness, gloom and groove . The trademark heavy and warm soundscape of the demos is still present in an even more refined wall of sound with clear, balanced and dynamic finishing to strike well placed licks upon the skins of closed minded zombies.

"The sleeper sleeps no more
He's set loose on the world
And we bid Him welcome
While we should weep
He comes with destruction
And all Hell rides with Him
There's a storm a-coming
Only death will it bring"



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