"Pillars" DLP

"Pillars" is a monuMENTAL album. Listening it feels like you'd drop on top of the pillars from the sky high into nothingness. Mind-fucking freefall which eventually ends all the sudden, dazing the consciousness, cracking the skull, leaving all but crippled's grievance behind.

The new album from the disciples of nothingness refuses to be categorized easily. The usual Fleshpress elements -grieving sludge, coal-dark ambience etc.- are present but now they are accompanied with fast, blasting Black Metal outbursts. A release of its own kind and easily their best so far. 78 minutes of blackened, nihilistic sludge. 180g LPs, 320g gatefold jacket. CD version out on Kult of Nihilow.

Second pressing otherwise identical with the original pressing except the jacket and the insert have a reverse side printing.


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